With innovative work models emerging across the sector, the future of work and workplaces seems to be relentlessly hurtling towards a more fluid, bespoke model that can be tailored to suit the many, unique needs of today’s organizations. With business environments in flux, can our workplaces be any different? Simply put, companies must adapt to this new reality, and embrace it with innovative thinking and speed as they look to serve customers and support employees. Those that neglect this prime tenet will be left playing catch-up in this new reality.

Today, it is imperative that organizations focus on ensuring employee wellbeing and creating a strong work culture promotes diversity, equity and inclusion. Beyond this though, there are other drivers of growth that can scarcely be ignored, such as maximizing employee productivity and engagement, catering to the demands of talent, and retooling the workplace to meet ever-evolving needs.

An Initiative driven by Team Marksmen ‘Most Preferred Workplace’ will turn the spotlight on building, sustaining, and recognising high-trust, high-performance culture at workplaces. We conduct surveys every year to highlight which company provides the best working environment for its employee.

Most Preferred Workplace
2023-24 3RD Edition

Most Preferred Workplace
2023-24 UAE Edition

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  • Avenues like these open up important dialogue, and create platforms for sharing and learning to ensure we build continuously on the progress we are making in the area of diversity, equity and inclusion.

    Dr. Ritu Anand

    Chief Leadership & Diversity Officer
    Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)
  • Thanks to Marksmen Group for giving us this honour. Such initiatives helps to build trust of our customers more into our brand. I believe a trusted name, a neutral body like Marksmen helps to build that confidence with the customers. My best wishes to Team Marksmen.

    Ankur Bahorey

    HDFC ERGO General Insurance Company
  • It’s a very well versed event. It’s very organised, it’s been great to look at the panel speakers and it’s a great opportunity to learn.

    Anish Swadi

    Senior President Business Transformation & Head, Management Committee
    Hikal Limited
  • I think its an fantastic initiative. Everything was managed in a very professional manner. Its one of the emerging players in this current area and all the best to Team Marksmen.

    Dipankar Ghosh

    CHRO, Bajaj Consumer Care